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Studio Policies


Lessons are offered in 60 or 45 minute increments at least once a week.

Two twenty lesson semesters and an eight week summer session are offered yearly.



Billing Cycle and Payment


Semester periods are similar to most school calendars. Refer to the calendar page for specific dates. A tuition deposit of 50% of the semester commitment is due upon registration. This deposit secures the student’s lesson time for each semester. The remaining balance is due on the date indicated by the calendar. There are no registration or payment plan fees. In the instance of a student registering for lessons during a semester that has already begun, the amount due will be pro-rated according to the number of lessons remaining in that semester. If the student drops before the end of the semester, he/she or the parents are still financially responsible for the remaining balance. Accepted forms of payment are cash, checks or money orders. There will be a $25.00 service charge for any returned checks.



Tuition Rate


Call for rates.





Lessons will not be scheduled during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. Other breaks are usually during the summer months immediately following the end of the spring or summer semester. Refer to the studio calendar for specific dates.



Cancellations and Missed Lessons


If a lesson is canceled by the teacher, it will be made up promptly and at the student's/parent's convenience. Lessons missed due to inclement weather will be made up at the teacher's convenience and the student’s/parent’s convenience. One make-up/rescheduling will be offered each semester for a lesson missed by the student due to circumstances other than inclement weather, a 24 hour notice is required.





Students are required to wait inside the studio until their parent(s) arrive.



Parking and Access


 Please park on the street in front of the studio. Access the studio via the front door by walking down the paved driveway and the paved walk. Do Not use the gravel path.



Performance opportunities




Gateway Piano Studio offers many performance opportunities for students during the year in the form of recitals. All students are encouraged to participate. Focus, discipline and practice are required in order to be prepared for recitals. If the teacher determines that the student is not ready for a recital, the teacher reserves the right to not allow that student to participate in that particular recital. Recitals should be positive events which build self- esteem, promote the love of music and foster camaraderie between fellow students. These events also provide a venue for teaching stage presence and decorum in a public forum.


Other opportunities:


Music Teachers Associations and other entities sponsor competitions and other events which require the utmost dedication on the student and student’s parents parts. Therefore only the few who have achieved the required level of ability will be considered for participation


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