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Jin Su


Mrs. Fifield is an amazing piano teacher. My daughter Anya has been learning piano lessons with Mrs. Fifield since summer 2017.  She enjoys her learning and playing piano very much.  She has learned not only piano playing techniques, but also a lot of music theories and fun music stories.  Most important, Anya has learned the value of hard work and  everyday practice. I can clearly see the big improvements she has achieved under Mrs. Fifield's guidance.


Mrs. Fifield is strict and disciplined in teaching; however, she is very understanding and caring. She encourages Anya to ask questions and appreciates Anya's curiosity and creativity.  As parents, we are grateful to have Mrs. Fifield as Anya's piano teacher. We appreciate the way how she teaches classical music in such a great way that inspires Anya to enjoy the joy of piano learning.  We appreciate her high standard and her continuous encouragement to Anya, which means a lot to Anya.


We are fortunate to have this piano learning opportunity with Mrs. Fifield.  Her talented piano playing techniques, her rich musical knowledge, her professional teaching styles, and her love of music really inspires Anya and us as well.   Mrs. Fifield is the best!


Brenda Peeden


 Carol Fifield is the most outstanding piano instructor I have known in over 50 years of piano study.  Having experienced many teachers throughout the years, I was privileged to discover Carol and study under her for several years.


 Although it has been ten years since that time, we continue to keep in touch.  I will always employ her exceptional professional techniques in my everyday practice and performance of the piano.


 A brilliant, talented concert pianist and instructor, yet so kind and caring, she goes above and beyond any measures to impart her musical knowledge and training to her students.  There is considerable value added to her keyboard instruction as she incorporates dancing, clapping, singing, etc. to relay this teaching.  Carol is very strict and disciplined, yet comfortable and nurturing with exceptional teaching skills for all levels of students from beginner to professional.


 The greatest compliment I receive is when someone tells me they can see Carol Fifield in my performances – whether it is playing, practicing, breathing, posture – even my respect in approaching the piano.


 I highly recommend Gateway Piano Studio and all its attributes.


Haimeng Zhang


Our daughter has been studying piano under Mrs Fifield for more than two years and it has been a wonderful experience. Mrs. Fifield’s approach to teaching piano is holistic; she integrates theory into music performance. She emphasizes technique and musical expression in performing individual pieces and frames the piece with background information on music history and each composer’s style. We appreciate the additional time Mrs. Fifield puts in to help prepare and give feedback for recitals and competitions.

Yaning Li



Ms. Carol Fifield is the most professional piano teacher whom we have ever met. She taught my son, David. She loves music very much.  We can feel her passion on her piano teaching. This passion makes her love her teaching and her students who really want to learn music. She is very professional on piano field. David had learned alot what is the most important and how to improve fast under her guide. He enjoys Mrs. Fifield’s guide playing on every class.  Mrs. Fifield’s teaching is also interesting. She always adopted different methods to encourage her students to practice more and more. Piano lesson becomes a very interesting thing for young people. We love music, we love piano, we are so lucky to meet Mrs. Carol Fifield

Helen Ni


It has been a delight to study with Mrs. Carol. I was a student of hers for over seven years, and she has always taken tremendous commitment and effort to propel me to a higher level of emotional understanding for music. The level of detail and attention that she includes in every lesson is a part of her character. She captures the spirit of what we regard as brilliance in the most respected of ways: she is a teacher, an educator, and a friend, who can flourish creativity in students through inspiration and devotion. I have but respect and gratitude for Mrs. Carol, as she has helped me see and feel music for my own. She provided the tools, and I will use them for my journey.

Xavier Graves


Mrs. Carol Fifield was my piano instructor for six years.  I began my lessons with her when I was twelve years old. My previous instructors included a professional concert pianist, yet, Mrs. Fifield provided the most thorough lessons I had ever experienced.  What really stood out about her was the level of dedication she provided to each student in her studio.  She provides one on one instruction specifically catered to the student’s level.  Due to her work, my performing ability reached the level that allowed me to win many state and regional competitions.  These in turn led to my being awarded performance-based scholarships from some of the world’s top conservatories including The New England Conservatory, Oberlin Conservatory, Eastman School, of Music, and the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University.


Kavitha Srinivasan


We are fortunate to have Carol as Sahana's piano teacher and musical inspiration!


Here is why

Carol is very professional- classes start right on time and class time being actually devoted to piano learning!.

She is very accommodating within the boundaries of her studio rules!

She is an amazing teacher- she instills the value of hard work that my child took to areas other than music.

She ensures the beginner child learns solid classical music fundamentals and coaxes perfection out of her advanced students even as they enjoy the experience of learning.

She is open to preparing the child for new certifications, competitions and pro-actively looks out for ways to showcase the child's talent!

In all, Carol gives her 110% to the student. We couldn't be happier!


Kristen Bruce


Mrs. Fifield's excellent instruction in musicality, technique, theory, ear-training, memorization, and performance not only transformed my abilities as a pianist, but also enabled me to arrive at college well-prepared with a strong musical foundation. Even as a harp-performance major, I employ what I learned at Gateway Piano Studio in my practicing, performing, and music classes. I also appreciate the care that Mrs. Fifield takes to maintain her instruments. The studio's pianos are a joy to play! I am grateful to have studied with Mrs. Fifield and highly recommend Gateway Piano Studio.



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